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Laser ProfilingComplex shapes can be developed to create flat patterns utilising our CAD software. This offers an effective solution to your pattern development needs.
CNC Brake PressOur CNC brake press has a 60-tonne capacity with a 3-meter bed. With the help of our software package we can achieve consistent high quality results, every time.
Welding and FabricationMetal and Steel welding remains at the core of all sheet metal fabrication. Alma Sheet Metal provides welding of stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium components and custom precision sheet metal fabrications.
Grinding & PolishingOur experienced team of over 60 years uses traditional methods and techniques to produce an industry approved finish on all your projects.
CAD/CAM 3D DesignAt Alma Sheet Metal, our skilled designers work closely with all our clients to ensure the final product meets all requirements.