Laser Profiling

Alma Sheet Metal has made significant investment into state of the art machinery. Our most recent is our Bystronic BySpeed CO2 Laser Cutter which can cut sheet sizes up to 3m x 1.5m and offer thickness ranges up to 20mm for stainless steel, 25mm for mild steel and 12mm thick aluminium at a competitive rate.

Your sketches and drawings can be converted into DXF files by our experienced staff using the latest CAD software. Alternatively, you can supply your own DXF files which can then be preloaded into the Bystronic Bybase operating system. Complex shapes can be developed to create flat patterns utilising our CAD software. This offers an effective solution to your pattern development needs.

It is investments like these that enable us to turn around projects quickly, efficiently and with incredible accuracy.

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  • High Level of accuracy

  • Incredible level of detail

  • Consistency of each cut

  • Wide range of materials

  • Speedy process

  • Cost effective process

How does the laser process work?

The process works by focusing a laser beam on the cut material, this effectively melts, burns and vaporises the required result into the metal. An assist gas then removes any excess material or vapour from the cut zone in order to “clear” the area.

The whole laser cutting process is done via a computer. Specifically a ‘file’, which is designed on the computer which contains a pre-created design. The laser will then follow the lines drawn on the CAD file, replicating the design on the material.